Stanislav Zas’

Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization

Dear organizers and participants of International IT Forum and International Conference
on Information Security «Infoforum-Ugra»!
Please accept my congratulations on the occasion of the opening of the next International
Conference on Information Security with the participation of the BRICS, SCO and CSTO
I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers for the invitation to take part in the
event and wish all participants productive work!
Special thanks to the Government of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug and the
capital of the region for their great support and commitment to this event format for the past
5 years.
High level of public interest in the IT Forum and the international conference shows that
these events have become one of the more reputable and recognized international discussion
platforms in the field of information security.
Infoforum-Ugra is traditionally distinguished by a solid composition of participants, a
meaningful exchange of ideas and a wide range of issues discussed. This year, our focus is
on a number of relevant topics, such as the discussion and announcement of solutions of
protection against the threats of terrorism, extremism and external information attacks on
protected critical facilities, as well as integrated information security solutions, and issues of
standardization and development of cooperation with friendly SCO countries and BRICS.
I am sure that the current IT Forum and conference will be held in a highly constructive
manner and will provide a significant contribution to consolidating efforts to increase the
effectiveness of multilateral cooperation in such important areas for the world community as
ensuring equal and indivisible security for all states, conflict resolution, fight against terrorism,
extremism, drug trafficking, organized crime, spread of infectious diseases, settlement of
regional conflicts and ensuring international information security, performance of needed
peacekeeping missions and solution of environmental problems.
The issues submitted to the plenary session of the Forum, the variety of thematic sections
are relevant not only in the context of the general direction. They also allow representatives
of international, state, political, public and professional structures to openly and thoroughly
discuss relevant problems of the formation of modern approaches to ensuring information
security of the infrastructure of critical facilities, establishment and provision of electronic
services, improvement of cross-border electronic interaction, search for innovative solutions
in education and fight against crime in the field of information technology.
I am highly convinced that the XIII International IT Forum and the 5th International
Conference on Information Security will make an important contribution to solving tasks of
strengthening interstate and interregional cooperation in ensuring information security.
I wish you success in your work and all the best!