Head of the Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation

On behalf of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, I welcome the participants and guests of the 6th International
Conference on Information Security «Infoforum-Ugra», including representatives of the BRICS, SCO, CSTO and other states.
Over the past years, the conference, organized by the Association National Information Security Forum «Infoforum» with the support of the State Duma Committee and the Office of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, has firmly established itself as a sought-after platform for professional discussions on a wide range of issues in the field of international information security.
The topic of ensuring information security today relies not only on the national, but also on its international component. The issue of cooperation in this area remains one of the priorities on the agenda of most international platforms. The United States has long positioned
itself as a global leader and arbiter in relation to determining the permissible actions of states in the information space. Therefore,
Washington is trying by all possible and available means in its arsenal to neutralize any initiatives that limit its spheres of influence. Russia is
of the opinion that the future «rules of the game» should be developed with the participation of all states. For this reason, the UN has
created an open-ended working group whose mandate is to engage in dialogue on a wide range of topics related to information security.
Decisions made within the framework of this group will determine further mechanisms for the interaction of states in matters of the
safe use of information and communication technologies.
I am sure that the current Infoforum will contribute to a constructive discussion of topical issues that require the development of joint solutions, will make a worthy contribution to solving the problems of ensuring information security at the international and national levels.
I wish the participants of Infoforum-Ugra productive work and practical results aimed at strengthening information security.