Secretary General CSTO

On behalf of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, I welcome the organizers, participants and guests of the International Conference and IT Forum on Information Security. These days, within the framework of the Forum and the Conference, important and
topical issues will be discussed.
Today, the active introduction of digital technologies largely determines the progressive development of each state, not only the
member states of the CSTO, SCO, BRICS, but perhaps all the states of the world.
The questions submitted to the plenary session, the variety of thematic sections that complement it, are relevant not only in the context of the general direction of the forum. They allow representatives of state, political, public and professional structures to discuss in detail topical issues of the formation of modern management institutions, information security of critical infrastructure facilities, public electronic services, cross-border electronic interaction, training, as well as innovative solutions in the fight against crime in the field of information technology.
The growing influence of information and communication technologies on the formation of the entire modern society, as well as on the political, economic, social and defense components of collective security, contributes to the search and improvement of ways to strengthen international cooperation in the fight against modern challenges and threats. That is why ensuring information security has become an important and integral element of the collective security system of the Collective Security Treaty Organization.
I fully support the organizers’ point that the development of an international dialogue between states and specialists to develop common approaches and standards, discuss common solutions, recognize joint confidence-building measures and cooperation in the
field of international information security are the main tasks of the international conference.
Trust between the state, business and the private sector in the information sphere as a whole cannot be considered as a phenomenon independent of the political, economic and social spheres, international affairs. Trust will never emerge unless international cooperation and
discussion of complex international security issues are supported, while striving to prevent international conflicts.
The hostile use of ICT significantly narrows the space for political maneuver for state leaders in critical circumstances and inevitably
increases the entire spectrum of threats.
Building trust between countries encourages interested states to take responsibility for ensuring the security of global digital identifiers.
Discussing issues of trust and preventing the hostile use of ICT to disrupt strategic stability at the Conference and Forum will help to identify obstacles to their solution. We are well aware that the scale of cyber threats today is such that they can only be neutralized by joining the efforts of the entire international community.
Throughout its existence, the CSTO has advocated and advocates a joint and fair resolution of any issues and disputes that arise here.
At the same time, we are convinced that security measures and regulation of this space should not interfere with its technological
progress and innovative development. In conclusion, I would like to wish you, dear colleagues and friends, success in your work. I hope that the ideas and proposals expressed at the International Conference and IT Forum with the participation of the SCO, BRICS and CSTO countries will serve to develop the global information space and ensure its security.
I express my confidence that the current events will be held in a businesslike and constructive atmosphere and will make another significant contribution to solving the tasks of strengthening interstate cooperation in ensuring information security.
I wish the participants of the International Conference and IT-Forum on Information Security productive work, good results and success in their work.