Greeting Words from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation

Olga Vasilyeva,
Minister of Education of the Russian Federation

Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, I welcome the organizers and participants of the 10th International Conference  "Confidence and Security in the Information Society" (Infoforum-China).

The rapid development of Digital Technology is a determining factor in achieving Economic and Social Success, Information Security issues are of particular importance in the Protection of Private and Public Interests.

I am sure that the Conference Program will provide experts and professionals in various fields of Science, Technology and Law with the opportunity to work together to find practical solutions to provide high-quality, secure Information Services, as well as will serve as a basis for educational activities, development of interstate cooperation in this field.

I sincerely wish the Conference participants productive work, thoughtful discussions, new ideas for the development of Technological and Humanitarian Projects.

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