Greeting Words from Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of the Russian Federation

Vladimir Selin,
Director of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of the Russian Federation

I welcome the organizers and participants of the 10th International Conference "Confidence and Security in the Information Society" (Infoforum-China) on behalf of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of the Russian Federation.

The conference organizers bring up for discussion relevant issues of Information Security, Digital Economy, issues of countering Treats of International Terrorism and Extremism, issues of improving Security of Cross-border Interaction, development of Digital Government and Security of Personal Data.

Considering current development of New Technology, such events provide experts in the field of Information Security with a unique opportunity to carry out further development of business cooperation, to exchange their views and solutions, and also to discuss principles of Information Security in the modern Information Society.

International events like this help to attract foreign experts in resolving issues of using Trusted Information Technologies, developing a Secure Information Infrastructure, and developing common approaches in the field of International Information Security.

I wish the organizers and participants of the International Conference “Confidence and Security in the Information Society” success in solving the tasks set for further productive cooperation in the field of developing International Information Security.

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