Foreword from Huawei

Aiden Wu,
CEO of Huawei in Russia

Huawei is an old partner and an active participant in the Infoforum events. I’d like to thank the organizing committee for all the trust and cooperation. Infoforum is the most effective platform for discussing pressing issues of information security. Our common goal is to unite efforts to provide a trusted and secure information environment, to counter present-day threats to the security of the individual, society and the state.

Huawei, as one of the world's largest producers of ICT-equipment, pays special attention to information security issues and practically implements a systematic technique for solving them at each stage of all technological processes which are closely connected with the creation of secure solutions, their installation by customers, technical support and disposal.

Our company also shares its knowlege and best expirience to create a trusted information environment. I hope that our experience will be useful for you and your organizations. Wish all the Infoforum participants success and interesting discussions!

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