Infoforum is the largest Professional Forum in the Russian Federation


The National Forum for Information Security "Infoforum" is held since 2001. Nowadays Infoforum is the largest industry forum in the Russian Federation. More than 5000 experts from the Russian Federation and foreign countries attend Infoforum’s events annually.

Infoforum is held since 2001. The initiative of launching Infoforum was taken by the Committee of the Russian State Duma for Security and the Security Council of the Russian Federation. Nowadays Infoforum is the largest IT-industry forum in the Russian Federation. More than 5000 experts from the Russian Federation and foreign countries attend Infoforum’s events annually. 

Infoforum is officially supported by more than 30 government agencies of the Russian Federation and includes prestigious IT-industry experts – heads of State authorities, leading Russian and international IT companies, well-known scientists and public figures. On the basis of its activities Infoforum adopts resolutions and other final documents containing conclusions and proposals on the development of the industry and its legislative regulation. 

Infoforum’s mission is development of interaction between government agencies, non-governmental organizations, experts, scientists and professionals employed in all sectors of the economy, representing the bodies of federal and regional authorities, local government, science, education, business. We are eager to create the conditions for free exchange of progressive ideas, technologies and experience to develop secure Information Society in our country and worldwide.

These final documents are sent to the Russian Government and subsequently become the basis for the proposals on improvement of legislation and arrangements in the field of information security, personal data protection, access to information, secure electronic services.

Infoforum has conducted more than 100 different forums, conferences, expositions, briefings, round tables and other events dedicated to various aspects of information security.

Every year Infoforum holds several major events such as Grand National Information Security Forum, Eurasian Forum of Information Security and Information Interaction «Infoforum-Eurasia», Interregional Conference on Information and Regional Security, wihich are held in different Federal Districts of the Russian Federation, International Conference «Confidence and Security in the Information Society», practical conferences on certain aspects of Information Security, round tables, professional contests and awards, public actions.

Only through joint efforts will we be able to find concrete ways and solutions to the problematic issues of Information Security and Information Sovereignty in the face of contemporary challenges and threats.

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