From information technology to the digital age, a comfortable and secure environment


Cybersecurity in the Digital Age, in the Age of Mobile Technology, e-Commerce, Internet of Things and Digital Economy is the basis of sustainable development of Digital Economy in the Global Information Society.

The main topics of Infoforum-China

1. International Information Security. Actual Risks, Decisions, Directions of Cooperation of the SCO, EAEU, APR Countries.

2. Protection Technologies. Counteraction to the Threats of International Terrorism and Cybercrime in the Global Information Society.

3. Digital Economy and Information Security. Topical Security Requirements and Solutions for e-Government, Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, Electronic Services for Citizens, Business, Government.

4. E-banking. Security in the Electronic Commerce and in the Financial and Credit Sphere: Issues of Cross-border Interaction.

5. From the Smart City to the Digital City. Smart & Safe City Technologies, Data Centers, Cloud Services, Urban Infrastructure and Security Management.

6. Innovation and Commercialization of Technologies. Perspective Russian Solutions in the Field of ICT and Information Security. Entering the International Markets and Protecting the Intellectual Property in the New Economic Conditions.

7. Russia and Asia. Perspective Directions of Russian-Chinese Cooperation and Cooperation with the SCO, EAEU and APR Countries in the Field of Information Technologies, Telecom and Mass Communications.

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