Greeting Words from the Federal Communications Agency of the Russian Federation

Roman Sheredin,
Deputy Head of the Federal Communications Agency of the Russian Federation

Dear participants and organizers!

I am glad to welcome you to the annual International Conference "Confidence and Security in the Information Society" (Infoforum-China). This year the event takes place for the 10th time that confirms the relevance of issues of Ensuring Information Security at the International Level.

The venue of the Conference was chosen for a good reason. 70 years have passed since the establishment of the diplomatic partnership between China and Russia, which includes expanding discourse in the field of International Information Security, strengthening measures to protect the Security and Stability of the Critical Information Infrastructure of our countries.

Traditionally, the program of the event contains the most relevant topics dedicated to countering International Terrorism and Extremism, Cloud Security, the new level of Digitalization based on 5G-technologies and much more.

The Conference "Infoforum-China" is aimed at developing and strengthening cooperation in the field of Information Security not only in Russia and China, but also across the entire Asia-Pacific region, the most dynamically developing and resource-intensive region of the planet.

I’d like to wish all the participants of the Conference to be in a good mood and to have constructive discussions, pleasant impressions and an interesting leisure time!

I hope today's meeting will become a solid foundation for developing New Solutions in the field of Information Security.

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