• Roman Sheredin, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency of Communication
  • Yale Li, President of Cloud Security Alliance (GCR)
  • Vladislav Fedulov, Director of the Department of Information Technologies and Communication of Russian Government
  • Aleksandr Govorunov, Vice-Governor of St.Petersburg
  • Denis Chamara, Chairman of the Committee on IT and Communications of St. Petersburg
  • Wu Hequan, President of Internet Society of China
  • Fang Binxing, Chairman of Cloud Security Association (CSA) of China
  • Ernest Valeyev, 1st Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption
  • Artem Sychev, Deputy Head of the General Directorate of Security, Central Bank Of Russia


Infoforum is one of the main professional forums in the Russian Federation

The National Forum for Information Security "Infoforum" is held since 2001. Nowadays Infoforum is the largest industry forum in the Russian Federation. More than 5000 experts from the Russian Federation and foreign countries attend Infoforum’s events annually. далее »

From Information Technologies to the Digital Era

Cybersecurity in the Digital Age, in the Age of Mobile Technology, e-Commerce, Internet of Things and Digital Economy is the basis of sustainable development of Digital Economy in the Global Information Society. далее »

Build bridges, not walls - the dialogue of experts of Russia and China

The conference, that is held in the format of "dialogue of experts", gives new knowledge, new contacts, allows us to develop business cooperation in a large-scale growth of economic partnership of Russia and China. далее »
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