• Vasily Piskarev, Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption
  • Andrey Fetisov, Head of the Scientific and Technical Service of Russian Federal Security Service
  • Leonid Levin, Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on Information Policy, IT and Communications
  • Pavel Zavalny, Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee for Energy
  • Ernest Valeyev, 1st Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption
  • Vladimir Selin, Director of Russian Federal Service for Technical and Export Control
  • Oleg Dukhovnitsky, Head of Russian Agencies of Communications
  • Alexey Moshkov, Chief of Special Technical Measures Bureau (Cyber Police)
  • Fang Binxing, Chairman of Cloud Security Association (CSA) of China
  • Yale Li, Chairman, Cloud Security Alliance Greater China Region (CSA GCR)
  • Artem Sychev, Deputy Head of the General Directorate of Security, Central Bank Of Russia
  • Wu Hequan, President of Internet Society of China


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